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Screen Printing Tips

Screen printing, which is otherwise called as serigraphy or silk screening, is nothing but an artwork. It is just a method of applying ink in an artistic manner onto a hard material substance like canvas, fabric or paper. Generally a stencil is used with woven mesh. On the mesh a stencil is created which is of photo reactive chemical emulsions. Then, with the help of a rubber blade the ink is pressed onto the mesh. The stencil allows the ink to pass through the area where the real artwork is located. Thus, it creates a desired artwork on the material.

Screen printing is one of the most popular and demanding craft as it need less expensive material, which can be easily obtained. Another thing is that the process of creating a screen printing is not complicated. You can do a successful screen printing by following some very important printing tips. You can find a great demand of your screen print product not only in brick and mortal stores, but also at online marketplaces like EBay and other online stores.

Here are some screen printing tips. The First step is to gather some knowledge and education about the technique and process. Screen printing is however self explanatory. Don’t work with something like an old, loose wooden screen. Always try to get a square, firm and tightly stretched screen. Don’t make mistakes and always avoid the task which takes more work around time. This does not mean that you should spend more on equipment, but it is advisable to use the proper tools for the job.

Don’t hesitate to take the help of an artwork to make an excellent, good quality print. Everything depends on the artwork. If the artwork is not a good one, then not only the look but the quality of the printing will also suffer. So you have to adjust your artwork in proper a manner to get your desired output. For this you can take help of some expert or can depend on online education. You can find good graphic designers nowadays who can prepare the desired artwork in high resolution format so it can be used for printing on clothes and apparel by screen printing companies.

It is true that all screen printers do not have a good understanding of creating screen print artwork even though they are well informed about the required outcome. In the same way the graphic designers may also do not have the knowledge to set the artwork to get a desired printing even though they know all about the software and its working. So in order to get a good work you have to fix all the possible problems of a graphic artist. Ensures that your graphic artist should have proper knowledge and experience about the screen print.

The most important thing that you should take care of, is the behavior of the ink.

The Plastisol ink takes a long time to dry up fully. You should take care of it and keep it under control till it is fully cured through an oven. So you should follow a good and clean work area to avoid this type of mess-ups. Don’t always wipe the extra ink off onto your own clothes. It will create a problem for you. It is better to check your hands and clothes before handling a print.

Last but not the least tip is the legal requirement of the matter. Always update yourself about the legal law relating to usage and disposal of the screen printing chemicals and products. Try to know about the local environmental laws pertaining to the matter. The vendors of the screen print or screen printers can be asked for a Material Safety Data Sheets, known as MSDS in short. It is required for the hazardous materials information and chemical makeup for preventing the interest of human usage. This, however, for industry standard and not required for the home craft style of screen printing.

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